Ing. Juraj Husár

Web Developer

I am experienced software engineer ready to adapt for new technologies. I've spend most of my career in web development. Started as PHP developer and created own CMS. Later on, I've fall in love with OOP and Java. Spend few years working on JavaEE solutions based on Spring framework.

Then I’ve joined Ness, skilled myself in JavaScript. Tried many JS libraries, frameworks and gained a lot of experience in FrontEnd. Recently, I’ve taken the opportunity to lead FrontEnd team on development of SPA project based on Redux and React. As a team, we delivered really great product.

Now I would introduce myself as "FullStack", FrontEnd developer ready to beat new challenges in modern application development.


2009 - 2014

Technical University Of Kosice

Master’s degree in Computer Science

For me university was the opportunity to extend my knowledge, learn some mathematics, logic, but most importantly programming. I did learn OOP and Java on quite good level and while studying I’ve already got job as programmer.

Master's thesis: Design and verification of business processes in BPMN 2.0

  • Analyzed business process rules (BPMN)
  • Improved validation tool for Activiti platform

Bachelor's thesis: Parsing and visualization of data from MonAMI installation logs

  • Parsed thousands emails and created SQL database
  • Displayed data in graphs in web application in Java and JavaScript

Skills & Experiences

FrontEnd: JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript. SPA with React, Redux, Redux Saga. React Native, GraphQL. Unit Testing with Mocha, Jest, Chai, Enzyme, Sinon. Build - npm/yarn, Webpack & Babel, Grunt. Websocket, JWT. Libraries - jQuery, Backbone, D3. UX Design, HTML5, CSS3 (Flexbox, Animations), SVG.

BackEnd: Node.js - ExpressJs, Serverless, PHP - Laravel. Java - Spring, Hibernate, GWT.

Databases: SQL. NoSQL - DynamoDB, MongoDB. Firebase. GraphCool.

Systems engineering: Linux (bash), Jenkins, Nginx. Basic networking, DNS, CDN. Docker, Vagrant.

Other tools & processes: JIRA (Agile), YouTrack, Trello. GIT. Agile - Scrum.


High knowledge of JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript

Expert in Single Page Development - React, Redux, Redux Saga

Enthusiast in React Native

Unit Testing with Mocha, Jest, Chai, Enzyme and Sinon

Good knowledge of web build tools: Webpack with Babel, Grunt and Gulp

Experience with Websocket

A lot of experience with jQuery

Worked with libraries Backbone, D3 graphics library

Experience with dependencies tools npm and yarn


Advanced in SQL

Enthusiast in NoSQL databases DynamoDB, MongoDB and GraphQL

User of Firebase backend service


Good knowledge of Node.js, experience with ExpressJs

Enthusiast in Serverless framework (running NodeJs)

Advanced in PHP development - Laravel, Composer

“Retired” Java expert, advanced knowledge of Spring and Hibernate, GWT and Maven

Continuous Integration & SysEng

Power user of Linux (bash), Jenkins

Knowledge of Nginx configuration

Basic knowledge of networking, DNS, CDN

Knowledge of Docker images and Vagrant boxes development

Advanced user/admin on Stash, Bitbucket, Github - pull requests flow


Experience with UX Design

Advanced in HTML5 and CSS3 (Flexbox, Animations)

SVG knowledge

Basic experience in Photoshop and Gimp

Other tools & processes

Used to JIRA (Agile), YouTrack, Trello tools

Advanced in GIT

Few years experience with Agile methodologies and Scrum

Excel power user

Google Analytics advanced user (certificate)

Work Experience

2017 - ongoing



  • UI development (Test project in Vue.js)
  • React Native (Project using Redux, Redux Saga, TypeScript)


"Trip planning system."
FrontEnd Developer
React Redux Immutable Firestore
Jumped on running project with courage to speed up development process. Most significant role was on development of draggable timeline and hotel reservation frontend.


"Slick application for Clearabee rubish removal company."
FrontEnd Developer
TypeScript React Redux CssModules Rest API
Developed application to make rubish removal even more easy. Delivered screens with some interesting components like dynamic image upload, inline products editing functionality, date picker, custom dropdowns and more.
2016 - ongoing

Nexit s.r.o.


"Security audit and creation of new website in Gatsby.js using Wordpress API."
FrontEnd Lead
Security Audit GraphQL Gatsby.js TypeScript Docker & Jenkins
Security audit and removal of malware from Wordpress site. Creation of new presentational website in Gatsby.js using Wordpress API. Technologies like TypeScript, React, Rest API.

Digital Home

"Web app for remote control of home devices"
FrontEnd Lead
Jenkins CI React Redux Saga PostCSS WebSocket
Interactive Single Page Application for controlling devices in your home. Under the hood, there is: React, Redux and Redux Saga. Team consist of 3 part-time developers.
2013 - 2017

Perform Group

Mentoring activities:

  • Redux workshop - Organized presentation about Redux and workshop excersises.
  • Regular expressions workshop - Organized interactive workshop for colleagues.

DQM Tool

"Sport data quality and monitoring tool"
FrontEnd Tech Lead
Scrum TypeScript React Redux CssModules WebSocket
Sport data quality and monitoring tool developed by JS FrontEnd and Java Backend subteams. My responsibility was to setup frontend project and lead frontend team. Project was agile (scrum) backend by Jira agile board.

Integrity Tool

"Tool for analyzing critical sport's odds movements"
FrontEnd Tech Lead
Scrum ES6 React Redux PostCSS Webpack CssModules Vagrant

Integrity Tool is internal project for analyzing critical sport's odds movements. I was responsible was for leading FrontEnd development team towards project success.

From technical point of view, application was built as SPA in React. Part of job was to pick technologies and libraries which would help us to produce high quality code and cover all critical parts of application by Unit Tests.

Opta Widgets

"Embeddable sport widgets"
FrontEnd Developer
Scrum JavaScript jQuery D3.js Sass

Development of JavaScript sport widgets. As part of remote development team between Slovakia and UK. Responsibilities: Working in “Scrum” , cooperate with other web developers and product owner. Creation of JavaScript sport widgets using technologies jQuery, D3 and custom framework. Improving of build process and making inovations.

Public preview of widgets:

Football Australia

"Australlian football clubs and leagues websites"
Web Developer
Scrum Freemaker JavaScript jQuery Akamai CDN CSS
Creation of 27 web portals for Football Federation Australia. Work in scrum team of 5 developers working on project from the beginning. Analyze of wireframes, doing estimations and architecture decisions. From technological point of view we have to stick to internal system for producing websites based on templates.

"Australian sport magazine"
Web Developer
Freemarker JavaScript Backbone.js XML
Templates based website based on XML feeds. My responsibility was to continue development of already started project.
2011 - 2013

Code2b s.r.o.


"Geodetic web application"
Java Developer
GWTP Java Hibernate
Geodetic application based on GWTP technology.


"Service centre system for automotive company"
Spring Developer
Java Spring Hibernate
Enterprise Java service/localization system for German automotive company. Event driven desktop system based on Spring framework.


"Enterprise knowledgebase application"
Java Developer
Velocity Java JavaScript Active Objects ORM
Knowledgebase website based on Confluence. Development of theme and plugins for Confluence. Custom functionality like user roles and permissions system, review process and more.


"Portal for constituonal court of The Slovak Republic"
Java Developer
Velocity Java JavaScript Active Objects ORM
Website based on Confluence. Development of theme and plugins for Confluence. Used technologied - Velocity, JavaScript, jQuery. For accessing database were used Active Object - ORM shipped with most atlassian products.
2009 - ongoing

Personal Projects

Open Source Contributions

"Contribution to Open Source project - GatsbyJs, React-Dropzone and more."
Web Developer
JavaScript TypeScript GraphQL
  • Gatsby.js - Exclude of 404 sitemap pages (Pull Request)
  • react-dropzone - Fixed TypeScript typings (Pull Request)
  • es6-features - Design fixes and more small updates (Pull Request, not merged)
  • nodejs-eol-converter - Created library for easy EOL conversion (Repo)
  • can-i-use - Updated browser compatibility table (Pull Request)
  • sourcetree-config-manager - Created library to add projects into sourcetree configuration (Repo)
  • ...and more activity like discussions, feature requests and bug reports


"Internal CRM, CMS, knowledgebase and reporting system."
Web Developer & User
CMS PHP Laravel React Firebase Docker
Internal system for my personal needs. It contains functionality like:
  • Calendar with reporting features
  • PDF generator for work reports
  • Internal wikipedia with quick inline editing and saving features
  • CMS for my blog
  • Systems "Up" monitoring system

"Extreme sports web magazine"
Web Developer & Admin
SEO Analytics PHP Laravel ORM Grunt Wordpress
Extreme sports web magazine originally based on WordPress platform. Developed theme, custom caching mechanism, user roles and articles approval system. Latest version of website was rebuild on Laravel framework connected to existing database of CMS.


  • Integration with google maps to show events
  • Integration with external services through REST feeds
  • SEO optimized to gain decent results in Google Search Mobile

"Mobile application for sports magazine"
Android Developer
React Native JavaScript Firebase
Mobile application built on React Native. It's built on external feeds and currently is only displaying content. It was initially just a proof of concept - but application is live on store.

"CMS and site for photographer"
Web Developer & Admin
SEO PHP Custom Framework SQL
My first own CMS system for photographer's portfolio. It was developed in PHP language without usage of any framework.